Part 4: Musical expression

People often wonder what exactly does music express? A simple answer could be: emotions, feelings and beyond! Both in the research phase, where the artist uncovers his own story and identifies the feelings associated with it, in the composition phase, where the artist relates to which emotions are intended to be conveyed and how to do it, and in the concert situation- where the audience recognizes, relates to, and for many feel and respond to the emotions and feelings conveyed through the music.

The project’s focus on music’s ability to convey feelings across linguistic and cultural barriers are particularly relevant in a time when the world is challenged by great migration. These challenges are often accompanied by suspicion, aversion and resistance to strangers. Through the music the artist can seek out and activate the emotional common denominators that lie outside the reach of the language and which are recognizable across people’s personal stories making it also possible to mirror in, and in some cases actually feel each other’s stories. The hope is that artists and audiences gain a deeper understanding of who they are, and as a result, also get a much deeper understanding of who their fellow human beings are.