About this release

New York-bred and Denmark-based saxophonist, Marc Bernstein, has built a rich recording catalog over the last 20 years, centering projects around inspiring musical voices and friends including Tom Harrell, Billy Hart, and David Kikoski. For the eight originals, along with a version of “Windmills of Your Mind”, making up “Hymn for Life”, Bernstein focused on the “Good People” around him and in particular, the mesmerizing vocalist Sinne Eeg, his former student, now colleague at the The Southern Danish Conservatory and Denmark’s most prominent jazz vocalist. Longtime friend and musical collaborator, Bob Moses, contributes his deeply unique rhythmic and orchestral concepts to the band, which also includes pianist Jacob Anderskov and bassist Jonas Westergaard. “…the music is driven by an intensity which is impossible not to be attracted to.”
– Politiken.