About this release

There are groups that one constructs painstakingly, one element at a time, and then there are those that just jump out at you. Gathered together for the first time at The Village in Copenhagen, this Quartet spontaneously found itself “in orbit” around a common sphere. Even though I had known him for many years, I had never played with Peter Bruun. We connected instantly.

Marc Ducret is the main inspiration for most of this music. I am fortunate to have played a lot with him and with Davidsen, but never at the same time. It was a unique feeling of complementarity on an amazing level, where our ideas met and intermingled effortlessly…as if we were all “Out Of The Blue”.

Marc Ducret was born in Paris in 1957. A self-taught musician, he began working in various groups (dance and folk included), and in the studio, before reaching the age of 20. In 1986, he became a member of the first French National Jazz Orchestra. Also in the late ’80s, Ducret led his own trio and toured Europe, Africa, and Asia. In 1991, he began working with Tim Berne and went on to play with Berne in Caos Totale, Bloodcount, and Big Satan. Ducret has several solo recordings to his credit, released on Berne’s Screwgun label and the Winter & Winter label. In the late ’90s, Ducret formed a tentet, Seven Songs, to explore music of the ’60s.

Peter Bruun, b.1979, Copenhagen Denmark. Peter started playing drums at the Rythmic Childrens School in Vesterbro in Copenhagen at the age of three. This became a life-long immersion into drums, music and composition. Peters mother and father are both music lovers and in his childhood home there were always instruments and people to play them. He was admitted to the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, at the age of eighteen. After 3 years he discontinued his formal education to travel in India and Brzsil and continue his study on his own.

Peter is an active member of ILK (Independent Lable of Kobenhavn). ILK is a danish collective of musicians who releases music with absolute artistic freedom. Peter is a founding member of the band Eggs Laid By Tigers who released their first album “Under The Mile Off Moon” in 2012. Peters most recent release is called “Unintended Consequences” and explores the borders between composition, instant composing and improvisation.

Nils Bosse Davidsen has performed on both acoustic and electric rickenbacker bass on danish and international jazzscenes for more than 20 years now. He has played and recorded with people like Dr. Eugene Chadbourne, Ikue Mori, John Tchicai, Tim Berne, Dave Liebman, Marc Ducret, Django Bates, Ray Anderson, Luther Thomas, Joachim Kühn, Herb Robertson, Richie Beirach, Adam Nussbaum, Tom Rainey, Peter Brötzmann, Chris Speed, Iian Bellamy, Sam Yahel and Gary Thomas. Nils is a member of Bobby Previte’s “Pan Atlantic Band” with Benoit Delbecq, Wolfgang Puschnig and Gianluca Petrella. In Denmark and abroad Nils is well known from bands like: When Granny Sleeps, Oknok Kongo, Carsten Dahl “experience”, Phoenix City, Cph. Art Ensemble, Kasper Tranberg’s “Yakuza Shuffle”, Butch Lacy trio, Peter Bruun’s “Radar”, Krister Jonsson Trio, Jakob Dinesen Trio, T.S. Hoegh’s “Locomotion Starsemble”, Jakob Davidsens “Mangfoldighed”, “Kibrick”, Havens Fugle, Buffalo Age (with Chris Speed), Hoeg/Davidsen/Osgood, Jan Kaspersen 6tet, Jacob Anderskov, Tranberg/Davidsen, Simon Toldam Trio and STORK.