Part 3: Personal DNA

In Everybody Comes From Somewhere, the interaction between family history, “personal DNA”, culture, storytelling and music/art, as well as the synergy arising from it, is explored.

I feel that I have developed a personal and relevant platform for the artist’s (in this case me, and later hopefully others) creative work, and also strive to experiment with concert forms that give both the artists and the audience the possibility to relate emotionally to their own stories and then share them with others. Music is absolutely not just about the artist, but also very much about the “stories” that are lived and experienced by the audience, and how these relate to the music.

Another important element of the project is the combination of the music, and the stories which are based directly on my experiences, and unconsciously includes the audience’s family history and culture as well. Music’s ability to address the related feelings across time, space and cultural affiliation as well as music’s capacity to awaken these feelings in people, fascinates and inspires me.